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foto1 Setting up a common European Strategy toward Tutors of trainees in the building companies

The COPILOTE project, achieved between October 2006 and October 2008 within the framework of the Leonardo da Vinci programme, aimed at the setting up a supporting strategy for small and medium size company tutors in the building sector in Europe.

The partners coming from 8 countries (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland) worked at methods, processes and tools permitting company tutors to be more efficient as trainers and to give trainees a real opportunity to be durably integrated as skilled workers into building companies.

Original experiences made in each country were explored and new solutions, adjustable to specific national contexts, are now proposed.

Moreover, high quality training programmes need a real partnership between company tutors and training centre instructors.

The CCCA-BTP (FR) was the promoter of this project, which also gathered the following organizations: Centre Inffo, CIEP, CREDIJ (FR), BZB(DE), Formation PME Liège (BE), FLC Asturies (ES), FORMEDIL (IT), ECAP (CH), Budowlani (PL) et BYN (SE).

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foto2 The European network for training in the construction sector is composed of 9 national and regional organisations. The aim is to promote and implement projects, among others, in the fields of training of youngsters (salaried persons, pupils and students), training of trainers coming from professional schools and school work sites and vocational training of salaried people.
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foto3 The CCCA-BTP, COPILOTE project promoter, is a French professional organisation in charge of co-ordinating the apprenticeship of the construction industry professions. It leads a network of 102 training centres proposing alternance trainings in companies. Representative of both employers and employees jointly manage the CCCA-BTP. The French government is also represented within the Board Committee.
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